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CONGRATS to ESA member @VeoliaUK who've won a @TheQueensAwards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. More info:
one day ago
Congrats to ESA Member @HillsWaste | RT @B_Mess: Ministry of Defence Waste & Recycling Contract Extension for Hills
8 days ago
BBC News - Recycling in Accra: Ghana's 'waste to wealth' ambition | great to see the #recycling message is spreading!
8 days ago

Circular Economy Video

Going For Growth - A practical
route to a Circular Economy
June 2013

2012 ESA IBA dataset
April 2013
2011 ESA IBA dataset
April 2013
Waste to Resources:The Pathway to Zero Waste
February 2013
Raising Standards: Making Defra's hazardous waste strategy a reality
January 2013
An Assessment of Mineralogy of UK Municipal Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash.
December 2012
Beyond Landfill: using green taxes to incentivise the waste hierarchy
December 2012
Overseas options: the importance of exports to UK recycling
Sept 2012
IBA Sampling and Testing Protocol – Explanatory Note
July 2012
Assessment of Hazard Classification UK IBA
December 2012
Industry Code of Practice for the management of landfill gas
July 2012
Towards a resource-efficient Europe: Strategic priorities
June 2012
No time to Waste: Planning reform for sustainable waste infrastructure
October 2011
Green Growth:
Don't Waste the Opportunity
June 2011
Responsibility Deal between Government and the waste
June 2011
Scotland Decides: A manifesto for the green economy
May 2011
Waste Sector Report 2006-2009
December 2010

Driving Change: Policy Proposals for a Greener Government
October 2010
IBA Sampling and Testing Protocol
October 2010
Carbon Reporting
June 2009

Measuring Environmental Success
September 2008

DSEAR Industry Codes of Practice
November 2005 - August 2007
ESART practitioners guide to testing waste
July 2004
Land-use Planning for Sustainable Waste Management
May 2004
Thermal Treatment of MSW in the UK
March 2004
Charging for household waste management
July 2002