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Aiming for Zero Harm in the Waste and Recycling Industry - (2015 Data Update)
November 2016

A discussion of the UK PRN / PERN system for packaging waste and possible alternatives
October 2016

The Role of Extended Producer Responsibility in Tackling Litter in the UK
October 2016

RESOURCEFUL: Delivering a strong and competitive UK resource economy
August 2016

Delivering Sustainable Growth: How the resource and waste
management industry benefits people, the environment and
the economy

May 2016

Public Realm Services: Making the right choice
May 2016

SESA Manifesto: Making a success of the Circular Economy
March 2016


ESA IBA Sampling Protocol         Aiming for Zero Harm in the Waste and Recycling Industry
February 2016 February 2016


No reports were produced in 2015



Circular Organics - Biowaste in a Circular Economy                    
September 2014                                 

Waste Crime: Tackling Britain's Dirty Secret

March 2014

(Please note that this is NOT an ESA Report, but a report for the charitable trust the Environmental Services Association Education Trust (ESAET).
ESA is hosting the report on behalf of the education trust as they have no facilities to do so.)


Going For Growth - A practical
route to a Circular Economy
June 2013

2012 ESA IBA dataset
April 2013
2011 ESA IBA dataset
April 2013
Waste to Resources:The Pathway to Zero Waste
February 2013
Raising Standards: Making Defra's hazardous waste strategy a reality
January 2013



An Assessment of Mineralogy of UK Municipal Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash.
December 2012

Beyond Landfill: using green taxes to incentivise the waste hierarchy
December 2012

Assessment of Hazard Classification UK IBA
Overseas options: the importance of exports to UK recycling 
Industry Code of Practice for the management of landfill gas
July 2012
IBA Sampling and Testing Protocol – Explanatory Note 

Towards a resource-efficient Europe: Strategic priorities 

Prior to 2011

No time to Waste: Planning reform for sustainable waste infrastructure 
Green Growth:
Don't Waste the Opportunity
June 2011

Responsibility Deal between Government and the waste
June 2011

Scotland Decides: A manifesto for the green economy
May 2011

Waste Sector Report 2006-2009
December 2010

Driving Change: Policy Proposals for a Greener Government
October 2010

Carbon Reporting
June 2009

Measuring Environmental Success
September 2008

DSEAR Industry Codes of Practice
November 2005 - August 2007
ESART practitioners guide to testing waste
July 2004
Land-use Planning for Sustainable Waste Management
May 2004
Thermal Treatment of MSW in the UK
March 2004
Charging for household waste management
July 2002