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Responsibility Deal
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Responsibility Deal

Responsibility Deal between Government and the waste and resource management sector  

The waste and resource management sector has been central to the major progress made in recent years in modernising the UK’s approach to waste management, with decreasing use of landfill and more recycling and recovery. This has involved significant investment by waste management companies, and close working between companies, waste producers, householders, and central and local government.

During the first half of 2011, as part of the preparation of the Government’s Waste Review for England, ESA and Defra worked together to draft a ‘responsibility deal’ setting out the commitments which the ESA and its members would make as a contribution to delivering a more resource efficient economy. The agreement also sets out commitment by the Government that will help enable the industry to operate in a competitive and responsible manner. Additional input into the discussions on the content of the agreement was made by the Local Government Association, the Environment Agency, and the Federation of Small Businesses. The Responsibility Deal was announced in the Waste Review and launched jointly on 23 June 2011 by the then Waste Minister Lord Henley and ESA Chairman Ian Goodfellow.

See the joint ESA & Defra press release here. 

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The ESA and our members are at the heart of this initiative. However, we welcome participation from others who wish to subscribe to the commitments which the document contains.

Who's signed up?
  • Augean
  • Biffa
  • Castle Environmental
  • Cory Environmental
  • Coventry & Solihull Waste Disposal Co
  • FCC Environment
  • Grundon Waste Management
  • Hills Waste Solutions
  • LondonWaste
  • PHS
  • Shanks
  • SITA
  • Tradebe
  • Veolia Environmental Services
  • Viridor
  • WM Tracey

Sign up criteria to the Responsibility Deal can be found here

What is ESA doing to promote the Responsibility Deal?

ESA has already completed a number of steps regarding the Responsibility Deal, these include:

  • Developing the MRF Code of Practice which has been completed and submitted to Defra. We are now waiting for Defra to implement it. 
  • As part of a requirement in the RD, ESA has formalised a 'Business Waste and Recycling Commitment' which sets out best practice principles on the provision of services to business waste producers and which we will soon publish on our website. 
  • ESA has also worked with the FSB on a ‘satisfaction survey’ of FSB members regarding the waste management services they receive, which showed that waste management companies are making good progress in this area. 
  • The RD aims to encourage increased efficiency in recovery plants producing energy and fuel and to increase the recovery of landfill gas. As part of this commitment, in July this year ESA published a new code of practice to help increase landfill gas capture and maximise renewable electricity production at landfill sites. We also note that the Environment Agency’s own draft research has indicated that there is a general trend for increasing electrical efficiency from energy from waste plants.