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 EQual (Ensuring Quality of waste-derived products to achieve resource efficiency)

The ESA is working in partnership with the Environment Agency on a major EU Life+ funded programme that aims to encourage quality products made from waste. The EQual programme builds on and expands the Environment Agency’s Quality Protocols initiative and provides a framework to help waste producers and processors to meet the end of waste criteria under the EU Waste Framework Directive.

The main objectives of the EQual programme are to:

  • Assess the environmental impacts of waste-derived products through field trials on four materials.
  • Develop a Quality Protocol (QP) Checker web tool to enable waste producers to self-assess whether their waste derived product complies with an existing Quality Protocol (which sets out the conditions under which a particular waste can be considered to have been recovered and is therefore no longer classed as waste)
  • Develop a definition of waste web tool that will enable businesses with a wide range of waste streams to undertake an end of waste assessment to establish whether their waste can be classified as a product
  • Communicate and disseminate the EQual project findings to stakeholders and relevant audiences in Europe enabling others to learn and benefit from the programme
As an official programme partner, the ESA will assist with: 
  • the trialing and implementation of the definition of waste web tool that will help businesses make robust decisions about many different types of waste-derived products.

More information about the EQual programme can be found on the EA’s website at: