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10.04.2018 Cash strapped councils should use competition for waste services to maximise flexibility
29.03.2018 Deposit scheme needs to work with other policies says ESA
22.03.2018 ESA welcomes London Assembly Environment Committee report on putting Londons resources to best use
13.03.2018 ESA welcomes call for evidence on tackling single use plastics
06.03.2018 Eunomia report highlights lack of transparency in current system says ESA
22.02.2018 UK recycling rates remain in the doldrums says ESA
16.02.2018 ESA shine spotlight on contrasting health and safety performance across the industry
15.02.2018 ESA perplexed by the London Assembly Environment Committees report on EfW
17.01.2018 ESA welcomes the Governments continued commitement to tackling waste crime
11.01.2018 ESA welcomes 25 year plan but action still needed to create demand for recycled material


14.12.2017 ESA welcomes chief scientific advisers report From Waste to Resource Productivity
30.11.2017 Six million tonnes of UK waste will be without a home by 2030 finds independent review
27.11.2017 ESA welcomes Industrial Strategy's commitments to the resources sector
24.11.2017 ESA Chairman outlines his priorities for the Association
22.11.2017 ESA welcomes Budget proposals to stamp out waste crime and single use plastics
20.11.2017 ESA calls for Chancellor to tackle irresponsible packaging
02.11.2017 ESA calls for health and safety improvements across the sector
12.10.2017 ESA welcomes waste industry recognition in governments clean growth strategy
07.08.2017 ESA: UK sleepwalking into waste treatment capacity crisis
31.07.2017 ESA and EA agree new partnership to raise standards and fight waste crime
24.07.2017 ESA calls for 25 year Waste and Resources Plan following Gove speech
19.07.2017 ESA: too early to tell if Chinese ban will disrupt UK recycling markets
21.06.2017 Ofgem decision to reduce payments to small, sustainable generators makes a mockery of circular economy ambitions - ESA
09.06.2017 ESA reacts to result of the General Election - political turmoil must be resolved as quickly as possible
01.06.2017 Misclassification of Waste and how to avoid it
01.06.2017 Resource Management Industry sets out its top priorities for the next government
05.05.2017 Political parties must commit to building a strong and competitive resource economy
02.05.2017 Waste crime costs England £600m a year
19.04.2017 ESA calls for policy stability in party manifestos
11.04.2017 ESA calls for planning system to be aligned with circular economys
10.04.2017 Litter strategy misses opportunity to ramp up role of EPR schemes says ESA
15.03.2017 ESA sounds note of caution over European Parliament Circular Economy proposals
07.03.2017 ESA calls for Budget to reverse recycling decline
14.02.2017 ESA welcomes House of Lords report on impacts of Brexit on UK environment and climate change
07.02.2017 Defra's 3xWAC decision won’t help investment in hazardous waste treatment says ESA


25.11.2016 New ESA Chairman outlines his priorities for the Association
22.11.2016 ESA calls for longer term support for recycling from the Autumn Statement
21.11.2016 Report reveals stark contrasts in waste and recycling industry health & safety performance
18.11.2016 ESA praises frank and honest PRN discussion
07.11.2016 ESA seeks views on PRN alternatives
20.10.2016 Augean's Stewart Davies elected ESA Chairman
18.10.2016 ESA outlines alternatives to PRNs
11.10.2016 Local Authorities could save £300million each year in litter clean up costs says ESA
22.09.2016 ESA: Tackling waste crime starting to show a return on investment
13.09.2016 ESA comments of WRAP Framework for Greater Consistency
07.09.2016 Use Extendend Producer Responsibility (EPR) to clean our streets of litter says ESA
23.08.2016 ESA comments on reports of a rise in contamination of recyclables
01.08.2016 ESA welcome Dr Colin Church to role of CIWM's CEO
01.08.2016 ESA outlines vision for UK waste and resource management
24.06.2016 ESA: Referendum result must be taken as an opportunity
12.05.2016 Waste Placement Scheme supports knowledge sharing between industry and regulator
10.05.2016 Resource management industry achievements and ambitions celebrated with new ESA report
03.05.2016 New ESA report shows the need for transparency in council decision making process
12.04.2016 Duty of Care awareness campaign launched
16.03.2016 Budget 2016: ESA pleased that Budget saves Landfill Communities Fund
14.03.2016 Budget 2016: ESA urges Chancellor to preserve Landfill Communities Fund
11.03.2016 Code of Practice will help to keep waste out of the hands of waste criminals
09.03.2016 SESA calls for next Scottish Parliament to realise circular economy potential
04.03.2016 Red Tape Review: Enforcement should be the focus when it comes to regulation say ESA
25.02.2016 Lack of reference to recycling industry in Defra Departmental Plan is harmful says ESA
24.02.2016 ESA Members reduce accidents and injuries by almost 80%
23.02.2016 SESA welcomes Scottish proposals to address recycling contamination
11.02.2016 ESA calls for stronger implementation of Defra's Hazardous Waste Strategy
29.01.2016 ESA comments on the new EU report into mandatory separate waste collections


15.12.2015 ESA: lack of political leadership is jeopardising UK recycling rates
10.12.2015 SESA responds to new requirement for single recycling collection system across Scotland
03.12.2015 ESA concerned that Landfill Communities Fund at risk from closure
02.12.2015 ESA gives guarded welcome to European Commission Circular Economy package
27.11.2015 ESA Chairman: Extended producer responsibility could help us make the circular economy a reality
25.11.2015 ESA please to see budget cuts will not curb government support for tackling waste crime
11.11.2015 TAG Press Release: Joint letter to the European Commission urges greater focus on demand side measures in Circular Economy package
09.11.2015 ESA - cuts to Defra and DCLG funding must not affect resources to tackle waste crime
23.09.2015 ESA applauds joint initiative between HMRC and the EA to crack down on waste crime
17.09.2015 R&WUK Release: Risk sharing identified as a short term priority to lessen the impact of market volatility on UK recycling
16.09.2015 Right Waste Right Place - ESA raise the issue of SME Duty of Care Knowledge gaps at RWM
15.09.2015 ESA submits its response to the Red Tape Challenge
24.08.2015 ESA: Demand side measures essential for "more ambitious" Circular Economy Package
20.08.2015 Improved Welsh recycling figures show that ambition can produce results say WESA
10.08.2015 Trends in recycling rate increase need to be improved say ESA
04.08.2015 ESA welcomes UN's new Sustainable Development Goals
16.07.2015 Cautious conclusions should be drawn following release of first round of data from MRF Regs say ESA
08.07.2015 ESA Comments on Summer Budget 2015
11.06.2015 Dedicated email set up by Environment Agency for ESA Members to report waste crime
10.06.2015 Trade Association Group Press Release: Joint letter sent to new Resource Minister requesting meeting to discuss future direction of resource policy (letter can be downloaded here)
03.06.2015 ESA welcomes confirmation of Defra Minister's responsibilities
29.05.2015 Resources and Waste UK 'manifesto' highlights proactive EU engagement as a key policy priority for 2015
28.05.2015 EU Circular Economy questionnaire covers key areas, but little indication of future Commission measures says ESA
15.05.2015 Joint conference explores the tension between austerity and ambition and the challenges ahead for the UK waste and resource management industry
12.05.2015 ESA welcomes increased recycling rates but warns market turbulence may affect figures to come
11.05.2015 ESA welcomes appointments made in Cabinet reshuffle
08.05.2015 Waste and recycling issues must be represented in new government say ESA
28.04.2015 ESA brings together key stakeholders to tackle deteriorating recycling markets
01.04.2015 Clarification on key aspects of Scottish landfill tax regime welcomed by SESA
01.04.2015 Landfill Tax LOI testing regime roll-out welcomed by ESA
18.03.2015 ESA applauds government's announcement of additional funding to tackle waste crime
18.03.2015 ESA welcomes LOI testing regime confirmation in Budget 2015
12.03.2015 ESA calls for collaboration to address recycling difficulties
19.02.2015 Hard work on testing regime for trommel fines pays off for ESA and its members
05.02.2015 ESA welcomes Defra growth report but warns of recycling challenges
23.01.2015 ESA disappointed at Circular Economy package withdrawal
12.01.2012 SESA welcomes clarification on Scottish landfill tax regulations
12.01.2015 ESA disappointed by Government's lack of ambition
07.01.2015 ESA gives evidence to parliamentary inquiry into litter


22.12.2014 ESA welcomes publication of EA note on separate collections
16.12.2014 ESA regrets uncertainty around future of the EU's circular economy proposals
11.12.2014 Industry, manufacturers and NGOs write to Secretary of State Liz Truss MP to state dismay at news about the circular economy package, and call for Defra to express support
10.12.2014 New Executive Director appointed to head up ESA
04.12.2014 ESA welcomes new landfill tax testing requirement announced in the Autumn Statement
01.12.2014 ESA sets out its Autumn Statement priorities
26.11.2014 SESA addresses Scottish Waste Crime conference
21.11.2014 All change at the top at ESA Annual Lunch as new Chairman addresses Members
18.11.2014 ESA concerned by England's continued stagnating recycling rates
17.11.2014 ESA Director General Barry Dennis to retire after over 20 years at the Association
13.11.2014 ESA and CIWM announce a new voice for the waste and resource management industry
06.11.2014 ESA welcomes the Resource Association to its partnership with CIWM for Annual Conference
30.10.2014 Disappointing rise in flytipping cases illustrates the impact of cutbacks to Local Authority resources say ESA
22.10.2014 EFRA Committee's 'wide ranging' report welcomed by ESA
20.10.2014 New guidance reducing fire risk welcomed by ESA
17.10.2014 ESA: Defra wrong to withdraw PFI credits
09.10.2014 SESA welcomes clarity on Scottish landfill taxes
07.10.2014 ESA supports FEAD circular economy strategy
17.09.2014 ESA believes waste PFI programme delivered for UK landfill diversion
15.09.2014 ESA's first Biowaste strategy identifies actions to move the sector towards a Circular Economy
05.09.2014 ESA encouraged by Governments commitment to waste crime
14.08.2014 SESA provides evidence to Scottish Parliament enquiries
18.07.2014 Industry group writes to Ministers highlighting the need for investment in waste treatment infrastructure in the UK
15.07.2014 ESA welcomes appointment on new Defra Minister Elizabeth Truss
09.07.2014 ESA comment on the recent IPPR briefing paper on resource policy and the EEF report into resource security
07.07.2014 ESA Board reaffirms its commitment to reducing accidents within the sector
04.07.2014 ESA Director General receives Lifetime Achievement Award at MRW National Recycling Awards
02.07.2014 ESA welcomes direction and ambition set out in European Commissions proposals for a Circular Economy
30.06.2014 ESA welcomes HMRC's consultation on Landfill Tax
26.06.2014 ESA welcomes ICE call for more strategic direction in England's waste policy
19.06.2014 Shadow minister outlines plans to promote resource security and encourage investment
18.06.2014 Minister signals strong focus on waste crime at CIWM and ESA annual conference
17.06.2014 ESA and Members support Recycle Week 2014
17.06.2014 ESA congratulate Chairman on becoming FEAD President
04.06.2014 ESA shows its support for EU Green Week and the Circular Economy
25.04.2014 MRF Sampling guidance welcomed by ESA
21.03.2014 ESA reaction to a reduction in the glass recycling target
19.03.2014 Budget 2014 Reaction
17.03.2014 2014 Budget should cover specific areas for the industry says ESA
07.03.2014 ESA pleased to see joint agenda developing around the Circular Economy
04.03.2014 New report demonstrates 'clear reasons' to crack down on waste crime says ESA
26.02.2014 Guidance on sentencing for waste criminals welcomed by the voice of the industry, but more still needs to be done
12.02.2014 New MRF Regulations will set new high standards for recyclates says ESA
04.02.2014 Conservative 2020 report cautiously welcomed by ESA
30.01.2014 ESA highlights the industry's change to a resource management role on BBC's One Show
29.01.2014 Launch of edoc (Electronic Duty of Care) will offer 'real benefits' to the industry says ESA
20.01.2014 Defra's decision not to publish TEEP 'regrettable' says ESA
06.01.2014 ESA reacts to new DCLG guidance for local authorities on weekly rubbish collections


19.12.2013 ESA comment on the publication of the Mills Report into waste crime in Northern Ireland
17.12.2013 ESA comments on recently launched Waste Management Plan for England
11.12.2013 ESA cautiously welcomes Defra's Waste Prevention Plan for England
05.12.2013 ESA disappointed with lack of certainty in Autumn Statement
04.12.2013 ESA outlines its 'wants' from the forthcoming Autumn Statement
29.11.2013 ESA Chairman, David Palmer-Jones, outlines ESA's 'wishlist' for 2014
27.11.2013 ESA Cautiously welcomes Defra's plastic bag consultation
22.11.2013 ESA joins forces with other industry trade association to write to Resource Minister, Dan Rogerson
07.11.2013 ESA reacts to Resource Minister's letter outlining reductions to Defra's work on waste and resources in 2014/15
04.11.2013 ESA unites with other industry bodies to highlight the benefits of the EU to our industry
21.10.2013 ESA gets involved with European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2013
17.10.2013 ESA welcomes the appointment of Dan Rogerson MP as Waste and Resources minister
16.10.2013 ESA supports CIWM investigation into C&I waste and the institutions calls for improvements in data
14.10.2013 ESA warns that continued cuts to the Agency's budget is harming its ability to combat waste crime and landfill tax avoidance
23.09.2013 ESA Responds to Waste Prevention Consultation 
09.09.2013 ESA Reacts to EU Waste Targets Consultation
30.08.2013 ESA welcomes results of's Annual Survey of Recycling Rates
21.08.2013 Recycling Rates 'not harmed' by Energy Recovery
07.08.2013 ESA sign-up to ADEPT 'waste infrastructure shortfall' open letter along with CIWM, ICE & TAG
07.08.2013 ESA say 'more work needed on Waste Prevention Plan' by government
31.07.2013 ESA Comments on new CIWM RDF/SRF export report
16.07.2013 ESA welcomes Green Alliance's Circualr Economy Taskforce report
16.07.2013 ESA comments on the launch consultation on the WMP for England
16.07.2013 ESA Regrets the Proposed Repeal of SWMPs
27.06.2013 ESA respond to WRAP budget announcement
27.06.2013 ESA respond to Defra announcement of Triennial Review into EA and Natural England
26.06.2013 ESA reiterates call to protect funding to tackle waste crime
24.06.2013 ESA joins forces with CIWM, REA and RA to urge Lord de Mauley not to cut funding to tackle waste crime
10.06.2013 ESA launch Circular Economy report
05.06.2013 ESA comments on Eunomia Capacity Report
16.05.2013 ESA confirms support for Defra's 'Smarter Guidance and Data' Project
26.04.2013 ESA responds to consultation on MRF Code of Practice (Consultation Response can be found here)
22.04.2013 ESA Leaders debate the future of European waste policy
19.04.2013 ESA welcomes Labour waste policy document
19.04.2013 SESA welcomes Scottish resource sector agreement
06.03.2013 ESA welcomes outcome of Judicial Review into recycling collections
22.02.2013 ESA expresses disappointment with waste PFI cuts
19.02.2013 SESA launches report outlining industry's role in helping Scotland achieve its Zero Waste targets
06.02.2013 ESA takes part in HSE / WISH Summit to reduce industry incidents
04.02.2013 ESA calls for flood defence work to be split off from EA regulation role
01.02.2013 Waste & Resource Management Industry welcomes DEFRA proposal for MRF Code of Practice
16.01.2013 ESA warns that 2010 hazardous waste strategy is not working
09.01.2013 SESA warns recycling targets must not become a political football


12.12.2012 ESA comments on launch of triennial review
30.11.2012 ESA Chairman calls for roadmap to circular economy
28.11.2012 ESA calls for green tax measures to stimulate sustainable investment
22.11.2012 WESA congratulates Wales on reaching a 53% recycling rate
22.11.2012 ESA comments on weekly collection fund announcement
14.11.2012 ESA warning about rise of violent assaults on waste operatives highlighted on BBC One’s The One Show
08.11.2012 ESA encouraged by Local Authority Waste Management statistics
01.11.2012 ESA welcomes Environment Agency Sustainable Business Report 2011
22.10.2012 ESA calls on Commission to boost recyclate demand 
19.10.2012 ESA calls for RHI reform
05.10.2012 ESA elects a new Chairman
25.09.2012 ESA warns of growing health and safety divergence across waste sector
19.09.2012 ESA calls for greater business involvement in European policies on resource efficiency
18.09.2012 ESA welcomes appointment of Lord de Mauley as new waste and resource minister
10.09.2012 Export markets important to UK recycling success says ESA
04.09.2012 ESA identifies three priorities for new Defra Secretary of State
04.09.2012 ESA hopes a new Defra Secretary of State grasps waste and resource opportunity
03.09.2012 ESA calls for redoubling of effort in order to crack waste crime
25.07.2012 Amount of waste flytipped each year would fill Olympics Aquatics Centre, says ESA
25.07.2012 ESA responds to RO announcements for EfW
19.07.2012 ESA welcomes new Regs on collection of waste for recycling
16.07.2012 New Code of Practice to improve management of landfill gas
12.07.2012 WESA welcomes sector plan
29.06.2012 ESA welcomes CCC’s recognition that waste is No.1 sector for emissions reductions
28.06.2012 ESA calls for more action by the EU on product design
25.06.2012 ESA welcomes EU guidance on co-mingled collections
20.06.2012 ESA position statement - Application of higher and lower rates of landfill tax
18.06.2012 ESA response to CRC consultation
15.06.2012 ESA welcomes Recycle Week 2012
31.05.2012 ESA statement on HMRC landfill tax changes
30.05.2012 ESA and EA announce biggest ever year for the joint waste placement scheme
26.04.2012 ESA comments on David Cameron’s speech to the Clean Energy Ministerial
25.04.2012 ESA welcomes the Green Investment Bank’s first investments
27.03.2012 ESA welcomes NPPF
27.03.2012 ESA responds to Defra’s progress report on the review of Waste Policy Action Plan
27.03.2012 ESA comments on launch of Eurostat municipal waste statistics
22.03.2012 ESA Chairman reacts to Budget 2012
21.03.2012 ESA reacts to Budget 2012
21.03.2012 SESA welcomes overdue Zero Waste Regulations
20.03.2012 ESA responds to Red Tape Challenge Environment Theme proposals
16.03.2012 ESA welcomes the Resource Security Action Plan
12.03.2012 ESA celebrates waste industry achievements as Climate Week 2012 launches
08.03.2012 ESA presses HM Treasury to support waste infrastructure investment
08.03.2012 ESA responds to GIB location announcement
02.03.2012 ESA looks for further UK progress in the European recycling league 
23.02.2012 ESA comments on Defra consultation
10.02.2012 ESA backs Defra proposals for higher packaging targets
03.02.2012 ESA welcomes launch of weekly collection challenge fund
02.02.2012 ESA comments on Defra’s provisional quarterly statistics for Local Authority collected waste
09.01.2012 ESA comments on EEF report on waste policy


14.12.2011 ESA responds to EFRA Committee announcement on the Hazardous Waste NPS
12.12.2011 ESA comments on the Green Investment Bank's first priorities
08.12.2011 ESA supports crackdown on waste crime
29.11.2011 ESA members to keep calm and carry on collecting rubbish during Wednesday’s strike
29.11.2011 Waste sector ready to deliver its share of infrastructure drive, but needs consistency across Government
28.11.2011 ESA comments on Löfstedt review of health and safety legislation
24.11.2011 ESA comments on Defra announcement regarding changes to household recycling service regs
19.11.2011 ESA supports European Week for Waste Reduction
11.11.2011 ESA comments on second letter from Caroline Spelman to Norfolk County Council
10.11.2011 ESA says Spelman change of mind on PFI Credits for Norfolk EfW ‘deeply misguided’
03.11.2011 ESA salutes hard work of its Members
20.10.2011 ESA supports Hazardous Waste NPS but warns of ‘exorbitant’ IPC fees
20.10.2011 ESA: proposals to reduce Renewables Obligation support need to be ‘treated with caution’
17.10.2011 NPPF fails to recognise the importance of waste management
17.10.2011 Proposals for HSE's cost recovery regime lack transparency says ESA
05.10.2011 ESA responds to the Government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ for Environmental Regulations
30.09.2011 ESA comments on £250m fund for weekly collections
26.09.2011 ESA backs OFT concern over role of planning system in undermining opportunities for waste sector 
20.09.2011 EU Commission's ‘Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe’ published today
16.09.2011 ESA hails new RWM show a ‘huge success’
06.09.2011 ESA comments on APSRG report
09.08.2011 ESA applauds top recycling performers
05.08.2011 ESA responds to government's new publication on the Green Economy
05.08.2011 ESA says RHI guidance 'not thought through'
01.08.2011 ESA critical of Lofstedt Review
25.07.2011 ESA responds to the draft National Planning Policy Framework
13.07.2011 Waste Management Industry welcomes Electricity Market Reforms
30.06.2011 ESA still has concerns despite simplification proposals for CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
27.06.2011 ESA developing scheme to improve transparency of market for MRF outputs 23.06.2011 New waste deal will cut business costs and improve services
16.06.2011 ESA criticises toothless presumption in favour of sustainable development
14.06.2011 ESA comments on the Waste Review
14.06.2011 ESA and CIWM welcome Defra's Waste Policy Review
13.06.2011 ESA launches Green Growth: Don't Waste the Opportunity
17.05.2011 ESA responds to BBC's Panorama
03.05.2011 ESA appoint Roy Hathaway as consultant
14.04.2011 ESA/CIWM conference attracts a strong line-up
23.03.2011 ESA responds to the budget
11.03.2011 ESA highlights conflict between Govt carbon reduction policies and waste objectives
15.02.2011 SESA launches elections manifesto
14.02.2011 ESA responds to CBI report
28.01.2011 Business as usual for the industry's flagship conference
12.01.2011 ESA responds to ICE State of the nation: Waste and Resource Management report


26.11.2010 ESA Appoints Matthew Farrow as Director of Policy