What Do We Do?

The work ESA does involves embracing information and discussions with senior govenmental departments, and feeding information from our members into those discussions.

Our aim is to raise standards across the sector, to ensure that the environment and the public are protected.  We work with members to develop guidance that makes the industry and safe, more efficient and environmentally friendly place to be.

We educate waste producers around their Duty of Care, and what the legal requirements areound disposinl of material responsibly and legally.

We work closely with the Environment Agency to help stamp out waste crime, and the effect it has on communities and the environment.  Encouraging our members and the public to report any incidences of waste crime, but also developing recommendations for what the Government can do to help reduce incidences of waste crime in the UK, and therefore the UK finances.

We promote the idustry in a positive light, by engaging with national and trade press, events and campaigns, but also supporting our members in the public engagements that they do in their local areas.