ESA has a strategic vision for a sustainable, low-carbon economy that depends on quality recycled materials and world-class resources and waste management.

This vision matches the Government’s own sustainability goals set out in its Industrial Strategy, Clean Growth Strategy, 25 Year Environment Plan and the Climate Change Act.

To develop the practical application of our vision, ESA has more than a dozen Working Groups to consider policy positions on a range of issues affecting the waste management industry and the wider economy. 

Our most recent policy papers are listed below. A full list dating back to 2002 can be found here

Policy Documents

2022 Reports and Briefings

Executive Summary: A net-zero greenhouse gas emissions strategy for the UK recycling and waste sector

2021 Reports and Briefings

ESA Annual Report 2020 - 2021

Counting the cost of UK Waste Crime Report 2021

Planning for a Green Economic Recovery

Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from recycling and waste management activities in the UK - FINAL

Fichtner -  Zero Waste Scotland - climate change -Technical Report

Recovering Energy from Waste FAQs

A full catalogue of ESA report & bieifing documents dating back to 2002 can be found here