Promoting the Industry

The ESA works closely with our members, governments and regulators to find solutions to the challenges that the environment and the industry can give us. 

We work closely with many organisations across  the sector. We jointly provide a range of training courses with CIWM that support our members to maintain a skilled and sustainable workforce now and in the future.

We also work closely with WAMITAB working directly with industry leaders to shape and deliver employer-led qualifications that provide individuals with fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace. By qualifying the workforce, we aim to embed a culture of safety and progression, making the industry more attractive as a career.

ESA run a number of events throughout the year, the most prestigious conference in the calendar is Resourcing the Future, an event held jointly with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), the Resource Association and WRAP.

We work with Governmental departments to draw up guidance and briefing notes that enables industry to operate and innovate in the best possible way.  The most important of these has been the MRF Code of Practice, which was drawn up after an agreement between the ESA and Defra.

Our members run educational facilities and offer site tours to interested parteis to learn about the operation and impact of the facilities that they run.  To see a site, and to find out more about our industry, then get in touch!

The ESA stages events at Westminster and has the support of a number of members of Parliament. We regularly commission reports on key issues of relevance to the waste and resource management industry.

ESA also plays a prominent part in FEAD, the European federation representing the private waste and resource management industry across Europe. FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering 19 Member States, Norway and Serbia, who play a key role in the transition to a circular economy by managing resources which can be utilised in the economy and by supplying energy.