Duty of Care

All businesses - whatever their size - have a legal responsibility to ensure that any waste they produce is stored, transported and disposed of without harming the environment. This is called ‘Duty of Care'. 

Right Waste, Right Place

ESA is leading a national campaign ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ to raise the profile and awareness of Duty of Care requirements amongst businesses from a broad range of sectors.  

An interactive website has been developed, as a part of the campaign, containing the practical information needed to help companies comply with 'Duty of Care' as well as acting as a simple portal to a wide range of other information and services for those with more sector specific enquiries.

ESA’s Members can help waste producers to comply with their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations. They can provide total waste management solutions dealing with all aspects of on-site waste management and compliance, as well as a professional service for packing, labelling collection and disposal of waste materials.

A list of ESA’s Members can be found under the 'About' tab at the top of the page.

Further Guidance

Further guidance on compliance with the Duty of Care can be found at:


Waste Smart

This is a 1-day sustainable waste management training course for businesses, provided by CIWM, in conjunction with the ESA, DEFRA, the EA and WAMITAB.

Further information can be found by clicking here.