Modern Slavery

Slave-Free Alliance

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Slave-Free Alliance is a not for profit organisation that is part of Hope For Justice, a global anti-slavery charity that works to end slavery via prevention, rescue, restoration and reform.  They work in partnership with businesses & organisations of all sizes, to help reduce the risk of modern slavery within their business.

Within the waste and recycling sector, they have experience of working with several leading companies allowing them to really understand the challenges facing the sector.

What they offer is practical recommendations as to how businesses can reduce the risk of modern slavery. Their services include

  • a membership scheme,
  • gap analysis resulting in a bespoke action plan,
  • training and site assessments.
  • a bespoke consultancy service.  

Their team comprises of:

  • lawyers,
  • social workers,
  • former police officers,
  • trainers,
  • outreach workers

All of whom have real life experience of working with victims of forced labour. Their experience of rescuing victims from supply chains, gives them a unique insight into how organised crime gangs are infiltrating businesses.

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