What is Waste Crime?

Managing waste responsibly and legally comes at a cost, and there is always a temptation for the criminal element to seek financial benefit by breaking the law. 

Unfortunately waste crime is very big problem for the UK. It causes significant environmental and public health problems, can blight local communities, as well as draining the UK economy of over £550 million each year in clean up costs and lost tax revenues.

Waste criminals don’t implement the environmental controls that responsible legitimate operators follow. Waste crime can therefore pose a real threat to the environment, causing nuisance, environmental contamination and public health problems.

Waste crime can also harm the economy by taking business away from legitimate responsible businesses and damaging the reputation of the waste and resource management industry. 

The ESAET Report ‘Waste Crime – Britain’s Dirty Secret’ estimated that waste Crime costs the UK £568 million each year in clean up costs and lost tax revenues. The costs involved in clearing up the mess caused by flytipping and illegal sites are also considerable to local authorities.


Reporting Waste Crime:

If you know anything about waste crime you can report it at by following the below channels:
In England:
Report waste and environmental crime by:
  • Call the Environment Agency incident hotline Telephone: 0800 80 70 60 (24-hour service).
  • Contact CrimeStoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111  
  • By filling out an Anonymous Online Form.

In Scotland:
Report dumping by:
In Wales:
Report environmental incidents by:
In Northern Ireland
Contact Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)
  • Contact anonymously
  • Leave your details at NIEA's Environmental Crime Unit on 02890 569 453
  • Contact CrimeStoppers using the information above.