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About Advetec

Advetec is an environmental biotechnology company that specialises in the reduction of mixed residual waste. The unique in-vessel aerobic method reduces the waste mass by 50% turning it into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), compliant with both Irish and Scottish AT4 tests. It is the only aerobic form of mixed waste reduction in the UK. 

Advetec’s aerobic on-site waste technology helps organisations treat the contaminated waste so that it can benefit the circular economy, avoid going to landfill or being incinerated. Additionally it invested in creating a network of SRF offtakes to help offer more sustainable disposal routes. 

The Advetec XO industrial-grade Machines come in 3 main sizes:

  • XO3 – the smallest machine. It’s suited for small-to-medium scale applications processing up to 1,500kg of waste per day.
  • XO6 – ideally suited to mid-size facilities and can process up to 3,000kg of waste per day.
  • XO22 – designed for large scale operations and is capable of multi-machine configurations, with each machine processing up to 10,000kg of waste per day. 
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The modular design allows for scale and flexibility, it also means that it is easily adapted to fit the available space on-site and operational procedures in place. 

Core services offered

  • Mixed residual waste treatment
  • Trade and commercial waste treatment
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