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AST Applied Telematics are a specialist provider of advanced satellite/GSM telematics and remote monitoring solutions for fixed and mobile assets in the disaster recovery, maritime, and land M2M (Machine-to-Machine) sectors.

We have developed the latest in environmental monitoring solutions, offering a resilient, flexible and infinitely scalable way to monitor all environmental sensing applications.

Our environmental telemetry solutions are enabling companies to become more efficient, significantly reduce their operational overheads, minimise and often completely avoid unplanned downtime of assets.

Our intuitive user-friendly software platform enables you to create data for all your essential remote assets, view it and interrogate it from anywhere in the world. Our platform has been used by a multitude of organisations operating in many different sectors, but the output of improving operational effectiveness always remains a constant when using our applications.

AST Applied Telematics’ reputation is built upon technological expertise and hard-won experience, as well as a culture focused upon continuous improvement, innovative thinking, and service excellence.

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Some of the major projects we have been involved with include the data acquisition and monitoring of:

  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Noise
  • Water
  • Air
  • Weather


How can remote landfill monitoring help increase operational efficiencies?

By assessing individual components of a landfill site such as pipeline pressures, water leachate, tank levels, water quality, pumps etc, using combined data analysis can support operational efficiencies within the site.

Data analysis and instant management of applications can help support efficiencies and reduce the need to send engineers to site or prevent expensive breakdown costs.

Our landfill services allow for 2-way communications, and it provides the remote operator with the ability to turn pumps on and off remotely. This reduces the need for expensive call out and downtime of assets.


How can remote air pollution monitoring help increase operational efficiencies?

Air pollution negatively affects both the environment and human health. Depending on your operations, there will be strict guidelines and legislation your business will be required to follow; if you don’t monitor air pollution effectively, the human, environmental and financial penalties you could incur may be enormous.

Air pollution can adversely affect multiple environmental factors such as: human health, vegetation and crop management, water quality and soil quality, just to name a few.

Air pollution monitoring provides invaluable data to help provide immediate actions for an organisation to always ensure compliance and corporate social responsibility.


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