Health &Safety

ESA aims to ensure that higher recycling rates are matched with high standards in health and safety. Since the launch of our Accident Reduction Charter in 2004 we have reduced injuries by 85%.

In 2020, ESA’s Board approved a revised ESA H&S Strategy and a new organisational H&S structure to help deliver the industry’s H&S strategic priorities and better equip ESA to embrace a more holistic approach towards improved H&S performance.

To support the Strategy, ESA has produce some supoorting documentation & campaigns to help better understand the H&S across the sector:

ESA Health & Safety Strategy

ESA and its Members will drive the highest standards in health and safety in our sector and will visibly lead the sector in eliminating accidents and ill health.

We have therefore adopted a H&S Strategy which sets out our commitment to address a number of strategic priorities, covering the sector’s key areas of risk, including:

  • Strategic performance monitoring
  • Creating a risk assesment approach
  • Improved H&S competence
  • Waste collections
  • Vehicle & pedestrian interface
  • Occupational health monitoring
  • Mental Health

Under each strategic priority a H&S working group has been established tasked with delivering relevant resources, guidance and outputs.

A summary of each working group and what it aims to achieve is available in the poster below

230901 item 2b 2023-24 work plan1024_1.jpg