H&S Situational Awareness

Setting and achieving high operational standards for the recycling and waste management sector is a strategic priority for the ESA and its members. As part of our member-led Health and Safety (H&S) programme, ESA has launched a campaign promoting greater situational awareness of common risks faced in the sector.  

Each month, for the next ten months, ESA will be promoting a different area of situational awareness as follows: 

  1. Driving Recklessly on Pavements (DROPS) 
  2. Workplace Violence and Aggression 
  3. People in bins 
  4. Transporting waste manually 
  5. Driving for work 
  6. Wellness fit for work 
  7. Three points of contact 
  8. Get out and look/slow speed *
  9. Reversing*
  10. Danger zone*

Each of these situational risk areas has a corresponding poster containing a QR code link to a short film, while the below document contains an overview, as well as appropriate messaging, for each area. (Please note the video and supporting collateral for the three risk areas marked * are pending) 

ESA members, and the wider sector, can access all of the posters, as well as team “huddle” cards, below. All of the films are now available on the ESA’s YouTube channel

(Note: The videos and supporting poster/huddle card for the three risk areas above marked * are still pending and will be released ASAP. This page will be updated and we will notify members)

Huddle Cards / Poster

The ESA will be promoting the collateral for one risk area every month for the next ten months, starting in August 2022. Keep an eye on our social media profiles (Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube) to participate. However, you are free to use, share and promote all of the content within your organisation at any time to suit your needs. 

As member-sponsor of the Situational Awareness working group, the videos and supporting collateral have been edited and de-branded by Suez for use by all. 

If you have any questions, please email