ESA resurrects zombie batteries this Halloween

ESA Press Office, Oct 26, 2023

The ESA has released a new range of ghoulish graphics to warn the public of the dangers of “zombie batteries” this spooky season

The new set of graphics are part of the ESA’s Take Charge campaign, which was originally launched in 2020 and encourages consumer audiences to “recycle batteries responsibly” while raising awareness of the dangers some batteries, particularly lithium-ion, can pose when they are improperly discarded. 


The graphics are available to download from the campaign website at and all organisations with an interest in the issue are encouraged to download and share the assets across their respective channels over the Halloween period. 


The UK recycling and waste management sector is seeing, on average, one significant fire every day caused by improperly discarded batteries and the trend is increasing as high-powered batteries are becoming more common across a range of consumer electrical devices. 


The new graphics, which are formatted for immediate use across most social media channels, can be found under the ‘Zombie Themed Toolkit 2023’ tab of the downloads page on the campaign website. Users are encouraged to register the details, after which the content can be accessed for free. 


The graphics are accompanied by a Supporter Guide which contains suggested social media post content to use alongside them, as well as further guidance and messaging around the issue. A range of year-round generic campaign assets remains available to download and use if preferred. 


As well as providing assets for Halloween, the Take Charge website now also features an updated, more accurate, battery recycling point locator tool, which has kindly been provided by Material Focus and the Recycle Your Electricals campaign.


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