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NEW  Policy Brieifing - Biodiversity Net Gain in England (2024)

February 2024

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Health & Safety Alert | People in Bins

November 2023 update

Social Value Charter_A4_landscape_digital_Nov2023-page-001.jpg

Social Value Charter

November 2023

Supporting a Nature Positive Future-01.jpg

Supporting a Nature Positive Future: a process for ESA Members

Dowload all 3 parts of the Nature Positive Toolkit in a single click HERE

If you wish to download the files serparately click below:

September 2023

A Sustainable Transition into the ETS-01.jpg

A sustainable transition into the Emissions Trading Scheme | ESA Strategy Document

September 2023

ESA Sector Policy Scorecard_July 2023_Final-01.jpg

Supporting a Net Zero Recycling & Waste Sector - Policy Scorecard 2023 

The Policy Scorecard is included in the report, but a copy of the scorecard on it own can be downloaded here

July 2023

ESA_Commercial Zoning Report_230223_page-0001.jpg

Commercial Waste Zoning - Implications for the United Kingdom

February 2023

ESA Annual Report 2022_Final_page-0001.jpg

Environmental Services Association Annual Report 2022

February 2023


Ricardo Report: Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Emission from Recycling and Waste Management in Scotland

February 2023


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Biodiversity Best Practice Guide

December 2022

ESA_H&S Culture Survey_Final-1.jpg

ESA Health & Safety Culture Survey Results 

November 2022

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ESA Quality Standard - Recycled Plastics

September 2022

22897 ESA Annual report 2021_cover.jpg

ESA Annual Report 2020 - 2021

November 2021

ESA_Cost of Waste Crime front page.jpg

Counting the cost of UK Waste Crime Report 2021


July 2021

Planning for a Green Economic Recovery_May2021_front page.jpg

Planning for a Green Economic Recovery

July 2021


Executive Summary: A net-zero greenhouse gas emissions strategy for the UK recycling and waste sector

June 2021

To download the full ESA net-zero strategy please click here

To read Ricardo's ESA commisioned report into the GHG emissions of the sector, please click here

ESA_GHG Quantification Final Report_23_06_2020_Issued-page-001.jpg

Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from recycling and waste management activities in the UK - FINAL

June 2021

Fichtner_ESA ZWS response final-page-001.jpg

Fichtner -  Zero Waste Scotland - climate change -Technical Report

April 2021

22513 ESA_FAQs_March 2021_A4_SCREEN-page-001.jpg

Recovering energy from waste FAQs

March 2021

Annual Report.jpg

ESA Annual Report 2019 - 2020

December 2020


GHG Emission Factors Review


November 2020

S2323-0030-0006SMO ESA ZWS commentary-page-001.jpg

SESA Position Statement on ZWS Report - The climate change impacts of burning municipal waste in Scotland

Fichtner Zero Waste Scotland Technical Report

  Nov 2020


The Effects of Competition on Municipal Waste Collection Performance

Jan 2020


Safety Alert: People in Waste Containers

Dec 2018

Report on weight-based targets

Why Wait? Weight isn't working
Smarter measures for the circular economy

Aug 2018

Report cover 20180614.JPG

Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042
A use-based approach to decision and policy making

June 2018

Report cover 20180606.JPG

Energy for the Circular Economy
An overview of energy from waste in the UK

June 2018

Report cover 20180525.JPG

An economic assessment and feasibility study of how the UK could meet the Circular Economy Package recycling targets

May 2018

Report cover1 20180216.png

Spotlight on health and safety: Contrasting performance in the waste and recycling industry

February 2018


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